Are Brands Investing in Social Media Communities in 2022? We Asked 1,000+ Marketers!

What’s better – 1,000 Instagram supporters who build relationships your brand, or a million supporters that do not?

Ultimately, the aim of social networking would be to generate revenue. In case your supporters don’t build relationships you, they won’t build relationships your company.

Communities are critical simply because they promote engagement. They are incubators for brand awareness, loyalty, and trust. But they are additionally a cent twelve, so marketers have to refine their method of building and leveraging them properly.

Let us explore much more about social networking communities, their benefits and challenges, where brands invested their sources in 2022.

Are Brands Purchasing Social Networking Communities?

The Hubspot Blog surveyed 1,067 global marketing professionals employed in Business to business and B2C companies to find out which trends they leverage, the channels they will use, as well as their plans for 2022. This is what we found:

Social Networking Community Trends

64% of marketers plan to purchase social networking communities in 2022.

Over fifty percent of respondents (51%) intend to build more social networking communities in 2022.

The greatest challenge marketers face with social networking communities is positively managing people.


89% of marketers who leverage Facebook intend to improve their purchase of 2022.

83% of marketers intend to improve their purchase of Facebook Live Audio in 2022.

44% of marketers intend to leverage Facebook Tales the very first time in 2022.


Over fifty percent of marketers (58%) intend to improve their purchase of Instagram Reels in 2022, carefully adopted by Instagram Live (57%).

Nearly half of respondents (49%) intend to leverage Instagram Reels the very first time in 2022.

73% of respondents rank Instagram because the best platform for influencer marketing.


79% of respondents intend to improve their purchase of Twitter Spaces in 2022.

65% of respondents report live audio forums, like Twitter Space, among the best formats on social networking.


44% of marketers intend to leverage YouTube the very first time in 2022.

83% intend to improve their purchase of YouTube Shorts in 2022.


66% of marketers report TikTok as the very best social networking platform for video.

Over fifty percent of respondents (52%) intend to improve their purchase of TikTok in 2022.

85% of marketers rank short-form videos, like individuals on TikTok, as the very best kind of social networking content.

Social Networking Community Benefits

When I pointed out, it isn’t enough to possess a large social networking following – additionally you require an engaged community. Listed here are a couple of explanations why:

1. They’re vehicles for private recommendations.

In this way, every person in a social networking community is really a micro-influencer, discussing real encounters and opinions that may influence other people. This really is worth mentioning since nearly nine from ten consumers read reviews before choosing an item.

Customers who love your brand want to speak about it. They would like to share reviews and spread advice, and communities provide them with a location to achieve that.

What about bad reviews? Being an active participant in your neighborhood, you’ve got a great chance to solve any issues or complaints. And also, since people happen to be committed to your brand, they are more likely to find solutions along with you.

2. They are able to spend less.

Active, self-sustaining communities may become hubs for purchasers to inquire about and respond to questions, which alleviates pressure on customer care teams. They may also reduce support costs Body study thought it was was 72% cheaper to reply to an issue using a community rather than submit a ticket to some support team.

Communities may also lower your ad spending. Here is a crazy stat – in 2022, ad spending in america will probably mix the $200 billion mark. Brands with active communities can cut back on social networking advertising simply because they can achieve customers within an owned space free of charge.

3. They’ve created active participation together with your brand.

We have all heard the statistic – it’s cheaper (and perhaps simpler) to retain customers rather than convert brand new ones. For this reason brand advocacy and retention are important to any online marketing strategy.

Brands can strengthen relationships with people within their communities by encouraging active participation – with polls, surveys, contests, and user-generated content, to mention a couple of. Essentially, that which was when a transactional relationship has become an energetic conversation. And each active engagement brings customers nearer to your brand.

4. They provide understanding of your consumers.

The most efficient communities are strategically made to spark conversations. You are able to make the most of these conversations by tracking common complaints, suggestions for improvement, and different ways they’re making use of your products to resolve problems.

Whenever you create a change according to member feedback, make sure to enable your community know. Everyone loves to understand you are listening and taking their suggestions seriously.

Creating a Social Networking Community

You are most likely acquainted with the adage, “Rome wasn’t built per day.” This is also true of social networking communities.

Listed here are a couple of strategies for creating a thriving community:

1. Keep in mind that communication = community.

If you wish to develop a thriving community, you cannot expect your clients to continually start the conversation. You need to do the heavy legwork to publish content, inquire, react to comments, and communication lines open.

While you don’t have to be the middle of the conversation, your people ought to know you are there.

2. Concentrate on the audience first, brand second.

Social networking communities are valuable tools for self-promotion – but when that’s all you are with them for, you’ll eventually drive customers away.

Effective communities provide value. They educate, entertain, and solve trouble for the crowd. Quite simply, if you wish to develop a real communal feeling, you have to provide value using the content you develop or share.

Take a look at how Glow Recipe, a skincare brand, provides value by providing strategies for healthy skin while subtly promoting their goods:

(Image source)

4. Feature user-generated content.

A terrific way to boost engagement inside a community would be to encourage user-generated content. This really is any content – like text, videos, or reviews – that the people create, which you’ll then share across your social communities.

Peloton does a great job featuring user-generated content by highlighting customer tales and fitness milestones. Besides this provide the audience a voice, it encourages people to talk about their tales and testimonials – effectively fueling word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Help make your community findable.

It’s difficult – nearly impossible – to construct a residential area if people are not aware it is operational. Listed here are a couple of methods to get the word out:

  • Embed social icons in your website
  • Invite family, buddies, and colleagues to follow along with and share your area
  • Use hashtags to reveal your articles to new audiences
  • Mix-market your community on several channels
  • Run exclusive giveaways or reduced prices for community people

5. Don’t allow your area collect dust.

Consistency is a vital component in effective social networking communities. Should you enable your accounts collect dust, people will abandon ship. When preparing in advance, it’s wise to produce a content calendar and publishing schedule. And when your brand is juggling a number of different platforms, take a look at HubSpot’s social networking management tools.

Challenges of creating a Social Networking Community

Managing a social networking community is comparable to hosting a celebration – you are responsible for the entertainment, developing a enjoyable atmosphere, and keeping conversations friendly. That’s lots of responsibility. Fortunately, you are also in charge of the list of guests.

With regards to managing your people, begin by creating obvious laws and regulations for the community. This deters any troublemakers from joining helping prevent future conflict.

For instance, Facebook offers a number of customizable rules that users need to accept before joining a Facebook Group. This is why to pre-moderate an organization without having done any work. Browse the rules below:

The next thing is to follow-through. If you notice people veering from community guidelines, take appropriate action – whether that’s delivering a personal message to some user or removing them altogether. This alerts other people that you love the culture inside your group.

To assist with this particular process, you might want to designate someone in your team to moderator your area. Or, employ a community manager or online moderation partner for example Hive Moderation or SupportNinja.

Also is calculating the Return on investment out of your community. Quite simply, are the community-building efforts having to pay off? For example, you might have high engagement levels in your neighborhood, however your rate of conversion is stuck at %.

Prior to doing other things, think about – how do you want my community to lead to my companies? Could it be customer engagement? Retention? Product adoption?

Next, you’ll wish to identify a couple of metrics that you could measure your objectives against. They must be community-specific and proportional to community activities – for example click-through rates, sign-up rates, or engagement rates.

You are able to take this a step further by tracking exactly the same KPIs for community people and non-people, after which evaluating the performance backward and forward. For example, you might uncover a 30% greater product adoption among community people than non-people.

Final Ideas

Because they build a social networking community, you are able to turn transactional relationships into significant ones, and provide a spot for people to share, collaborate, learn, and supply feedback. But building the first is very difficult task, so determine your objectives, create a strategy, and prepare to begin the conversation.

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