How Much Does it Cost to Build an iPhone App?

Mobile apps have become a part of our day-to-day life. There is an app for every need today, whether it is grocery delivery, cab booking, hotel booking, etc. As the number of apps is increasing, one of those apps is iOS apps, whose popularity is growing immensely.

Once you have decided to develop an app on the iOS platform, the next task is determining the cost. Before starting the actual development of the iPhone app, you should consider some parameters.

Many parameters can affect the final price of your iOS app. However, we have listed some essential parameters below.

Parameters Affecting iPhone App Development Cost.

App Complexity 

Apps of different categories require additional features. The more complex features ultimately mean a higher development cost. As the number of elements increases, there will be more screens. And hence a higher price.

A more complex app cost will be higher, but a low-complexity app will cost significantly less if you keep it simple and include basic features like login, browsing, etc.

Type of Device

The type of iOS device for which you will develop an app is an essential factor to consider. The screen sizes of the iPad and iPhone are entirely different. 

To provide a smooth user experience, the iOS app must be tested on multiple devices. This will require more testers; therefore, the final app will take longer, and the cost will be higher. 

Location of App Development

The country of production or the location of the app development also plays a vital role in determining the final cost of your iOS app. 

Countries have different living costs, standards, and development rates. 

Here are the hourly rates of app development in different countries:

  1. United States: $30-$150
  2. United Kingdom: $40-$150
  3. Baltic countries: $41-$50 
  4. India: $35-$50
  5. Western Europe: $51-$100
  6. Southern Europe: $50-$120

Note: The cost mentioned above may vary as per your project requirements. 

API Integration

To develop your APIs, you need more developers. Hence the additional labor costs will impact your project’s final cost. If you consider adding payment gateways, invoice systems, or third-party integration components, your budget will exceed your expectations.

App Maintenance and Support Cost

App maintenance is a long process that continues even after the app is deployed and available on different app stores. 

You can manage the app support and maintenance costs by selecting the right team. You should hire a company that provides complete iPhone app development services, including maintenance. The average price of maintaining an app can be 20% to 50% of your app’s initial development cost yearly.

Wrap Up

With 1.2 billion users globally, iOS is the second largest used mobile operating system in 2022. Hence, iOS is an excellent platform for developing apps. Mobile app development cost is flexible as it depends on various factors. The final price of an iOS app can vary from $30,000 to $300000, depending on your requirements, features, and complexity.

You can contact an app development company with expertise in developing an iOS app. The company will help you as per your project requirements and budget. 

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