How to Pair a Fire Stick Remote In Easy steps.

This information explains the easiest method to pair a hearth Stick remote, with instructions that’s useful for pairing the very first remote whether it has stopped connecting, as well as for connecting a compatible substitute remote.

Many how to pair firestick remote are interchangeable, whilst not all. If you are replacing a lost or damaged remote, make sure the substitute works together your Fire Stick model and generation.

The easiest method to Pair a hearth Stick Remote

To pair a hearth Stick remote, you have to restart your Fire Stick and hang up the remote into pairing mode because the Fire Stick is beginning support. When the Fire Stick has began support, it will be coupled with remote. This method is similar whether you’re pairing the remote that initially incorporated the fireside Stick or maybe a compatible substitute.

Here’s the easiest method to pair a hearth Stick remote:

  • Unplugging a hearth Stick from power.
  • Batteries removed a hearth Stick remote.
  • When the batteries are old, consider replacing them at this time so you don’t have to undergo this process again once they die.
  • A Hearth Stick associated with power.
  • Place the batteries within your Fire Stick remote, or install fresh batteries maybe it’s a brand-new remote.
  • Press and support the Home button within your Fire Stick remote.
  • The house button highlighted round the Fire Stick remote.
  • Once the light across the remote starts blinking, release the house button.
  • The Introduced indicator highlighted round the Fire Stick remote.

Look out for your Fire Stick to load recption menus screen and check to make certain the remote was effectively paired.

The easiest method to Pair another Fire Stick Remote

Your Fire Stick remember around seven remotes concurrently, including 3rd party remotes. If you are capable of getting the initial remote, it’s also still effective, you can pair another Fire Stick remote while using settings menus.

If you’ve lost your original remote, you’ll probably still employ this process. Only use the fireside TV remote application within your phone as being a remote, and make use of the next procedure to pair your brand-new remote.

Here’s the easiest method to pair Fire Stick remote:

  • Press the house button within your existing remote or possibly the fireplace TV remote application to go back to the house screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  • Controllers and bluetooth devices highlighted in Fire Stick settings.
  • Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  • Select Add New Remote
  • Press and support the Home button within your new remote.

Look out for your Fire Stick to find your brand-new remote, then press the Select button within your old remote.

Can You Really Pair a hearth Stick Remote to a new Fire Stick?

There are numerous Fire Stick remote models, and they also aren’t all interchangeable. So when you’re able to pair a hearth Stick remote to a new Fire Stick, you can only make this happen when the remote and Fire Stick are compatible. For instance, the second generation Alexa Voice Remote isn’t suitable for that first or second generation Amazon Fire TV, the initial generation Fire Stick, or Fire TV Edition smart TVs, nonetheless it really works along with other models.

There’s very difficult way determine compatibility, so the safest choice is to judge with Amazon. Fire Stick remote listings on Amazon typically provide all of the compatible devices, and Amazon customer support can provide further assistance in case you aren’t sure. It doesn’t hurt to check on pairing an internet-based for individuals who’ve one, but don’t purchase a substitute until you’ve verified compatibility.

Your Fire Stick may be paired up to seven remotes, but each remote could only be paired to a single Fire TV. In case you pair a hearth Stick remote to a new Fire Stick, it’ll are amiss while using the original Fire Stick.


How will you pair a totally new Fire Stick remote basically lost my old remote?

Make use of the first quantity of instructions to pair a totally new Fire TV stick remote for that device. To pair your brand-new remote inside the Settings menu, setup the fireside TV phone application and continue with the above steps to include your brand-new remote from

Controllers & Bluetooth Devices. When the remote does not appear to retort, try these Fire Stick remote troubleshooting tips.

How will you pair a hearth Stick remote to Roku TV?

Whenever you pair your Fire Stick remote for that Fire TV Stick, visit Settings > Equipment Control and it to Automatic to deal with power and volume within your Roku TV. To apply your Fire Stick remote Home button to change for that Fire Stick input within your Roku TV, enable HDMI-CEC control. Within your Fire TV, visit Settings > Display & Sounds and switch on HDMI CEC Device Control.

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