Josh Page Edison High School Huntington Beach {March}

Uncover the tragic situation of Josh Page Edison Secondary School Huntington Beach along with what the aftermath remains

Secondary school existence occurs when youthful students finish up and so are inside their prime of existence. You develop extended-lasting bonds and then try to bring pride for the school community. However, frequent tragedies appear in the united states . Claims that may result in shock and mourning for losing family people. A particular recent incident is Josh Page Edison Secondary School Huntington Beach, which folks are reeling through presently. This informative article uncovers what went lower to Josh Page and respects this youthful man.

Who was simply Josh Page?

Josh Page was an 18-year-old star football player and student at Edison Secondary School. He was probably the most famous personalities within the secondary school also it was recognized for his significant-hearted personality. However, lots of his peers have referred to as him a whole goofball much like a huge toy. After secondary school, Page planned to sign up the Navy and be an underwater welder.

Fatal collision of Josh Page Huntington Beach

It absolutely was every day as with all other when Josh Page and also the youthful brother Jeremy were driving inside their Ford 250 when there’s a considerable collision getting a Silverado. The incident happened within an intersection inside the Newland street area making Josh accurate the area.

Case study by police.

The automobile was registered round the city’s official website, which has introduced the Irvine Police Department to simply accept lead investigator inside the situation. Using the preliminary reports, no alcohol or drugs have been located inside the system. However, the factor continues to be relatively fresh and investigated completely to make certain no foul play was involved.

Josh Page Edison Secondary School Huntington Beach

An immediate shock and outpouring happened for the news from the tragedy, with a lot of creating candlelight vigils to demonstrate their feelings. He is built to play a casino game on Monday in the Capistrano Valley Secondary School but was canceled. Rather, his peers have go to the press and spoken regarding tales from the products an exciting soul Josh Page was. Mayor Barbara Delgleize issued a comment and met while using parents of scholars of Edison secondary school.

How would you get involved?

You can still find many aspects not apparent in regards to the situation of Josh Page Edison Secondary School Huntington Beach. The Irvine police department provides the data of Det. Roberto Solis at (949) 724-7024. For individuals who’ve any information or know anyone who observed the collision, don’t hesitate to get hold of those to investigate situation better. You may even visit a vigil and show your support for your beautiful soul that was Josh Page.


When an unspeakable tragedy occurs, you’ll find frequently queries about why they suffered. It will make us question the world and realize how precious every moment is to apply us people. So, regrettably, the presence of Josh Page Edison Secondary School Huntington Beach was obtained from the planet far too quickly. However, his impact on everyone around him will probably be a thing that the town will remember for just about any extended time.

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