Midelyo Reviews (2022) Scam Or Legit?

What’s midelyo.com website?

Midelyo found at midelyo.com is definitely an online shop that deals with various Halloween Brought Mask, Handheld Remote Control Dinosaur Toys, Snowfall Brought lights, Father Christmas Musical Climbing Rope, Children Projection Drafting Board, Winter Fuzzy Slipper Socks WIth Gift Box, Special 3D Christmas Hand crafted Cards, Personalized Christmas Brought String Lights, Brought Lighted Spinning Christmas Lantern, Drawstring Christmas Gift Bags, Electric Climbing Santa, etc. Which goods are being offered at suspicious discount prices.

However there are plenty of warning flags within this site that ensures that midelyo.com is really a scam website, which review would expose all that is required to understand about this store. Some breakthroughs made are:

It features a fake contact address on its website.

  • It had been registered 8 October 2021, as a result it lacks credibility.
  • No social networking presence/ Fake social networking icons.
  • You will find Fake Reliable Seals online which aren’t in the approved organizations.
  • These types of Huge warning flags and reasons to not shop from midelyo.com, However if you simply still wish to shop out of this store, continue studying!
  • More Reasons why you need to not shop from midelyo.com

Suspicious/ Crazy Discounts

The crazy discount prices online are extremely good to be real and works as a warning sign also showing the store is scam.

Fake Address

Midelyo Reviews has listed its contact address as No.1, 353- Business Building, Changjiang Middle Road, Qingdao. However Google maps couldn’t target the exact place of the address. The address is connected with assorted scam online retailers. This really is suspicious and implies that midelyo.com is hiding its information from the buyers. It’s also suspicious as genuine stores always provide accurate info on its site. This can be a warning sign as well as an indicator that it’s a scam store.

It’s also listed its current email address as hezizi0215@gmail.com, however, this address looks suspicious as it doesn’t reflect the brands name. It’s also unprofessional.. The e-mail address isn’t being employed as customers complained that they didn’t get any response from their store after delivering a mail.

Customer Complaints

Customers who shopped out of this store have remaining online reviews proclaiming that they received a completely different item from the things they purchased. And all sorts of efforts to make contact with the shop for any refund demonstrated abortive.

Customer Review

There aren’t any testimonials on the website, this really is suspicious as every genuine store always leave a choice for testimonials.

Stolen Contents

midelyo.com has stolen the majority of its contents, product images from various online retailers.

This really is very common with scam online retailers. They pass off products as original, but actually customers receive cheap fake and also have no way of coming back it.

Is midelyo.com Scam Or Legit?

From all of these critical points noted above, midelyo.com provides extensive warning flags.

Much like various scam online retailers, it uses cheap discount prices to lure customers. However, if they place order they get an entirely different item or perhaps a poor quality of the items was purchased although some unfortunate customers get very little. This can be a classic illustration of a bait and switch scam.


Of all the indications, it’s obvious that midelyo.com isn’t a genuine online shop. It features a poor trust score and therefore isn’t suggested by us.

Much like viviizstores ,dicoola, alien-tees, galacmart, southood, crocodiletime along with other suspicious websites, customers didn’t get the products they purchased however a cheap item or very little.

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