Omicron Test Kit Scam (Feb) Beware Of Phishing Text Scam!

The guide shares information regarding the brand new Omicron Test Package Scam targeting lots of people over the United kingdom.

Scammers are privileging the worldwide pandemic right right from the start. In the center of the current rush of Omicron variants, they’re getting a lot more possibilities to fleece the general public within the Uk.

National Health Services or NHS is warning the residents in regards to a new text scam that pretends to become in the NHS and warning people they have showed up in touch with somebody that tested positive for Omicron and also have to click a hyperlink to buy the house Omicron Test Package.

Omicron Test Package Scam targets lots of people across the nation, and individuals need to know more.

What’s Omicron Home Test Package Scam?

Omicron Home Test Package Scam is really a new text or phishing scam targeting lots of people over the Uk. Scammers are benefiting from an growing quantity of Omicron cases and delivering fake texts to random figures.

According to NHS officials, scammers are delivering texts to random figures and warning the grateful recipients they have showed up in contact with Omicron positive person plus they must test while using home testing package.

The written text message pretends to become in the NHS. It’s suspicious links that recipients need to click and order their house testing package.

How’s Omicron Test Package Scam Conducted?

Scammers are becoming smarter and performing scams diversely. Now scammers are utilizing the National Health Services and delivering fake texts to random people over the United kingdom.

The written text messages make believe you be from NHS, also it warns the grateful recipients they have are exposed to Omicron positive person plus they may have got infected. So, to obvious things out, they have to click a suspicious link where they are able to order the house testing package.

As part of the Omicron Test Package Scam, scammers urge individuals to share their bank details and private info and pay having a transportation charge. Because they follow the link, they’re redirected to 3rd party website that isn’t connected with NHS. They steal the private and bank details to perform a scam later.

How you can Place and Report the Fraud?

You’re recommended to not click on the links of unrequested emails or texts. Should you receive scam texts pretending to become from NHA, report them immediately towards the NHS. This is a useful guide on recognizing and reporting the Omicron Test Package Scam.

Forward the phishing email or text to National Cuber Security Center at kingdom

  • Read for that spelling and grammatical error
  • Look into the link and verify its authenticity.
  • Text “SCAM” at 7726

Should you be taken in by such scams, report them immediately at Action Fraud to avoid others from victim towards the scammers.


Omicron Variant reaches its high, and scammers are benefiting from it to scam and steal people’s personal and bank details. But, you mustn’t be taken in by such Omicron Test Package Scam.

You have to take notice and report the scam to government bodies immediately. Besides, ensure to learn to Safeguard Yourself from the Scam.

Have you got any experience with receiving scam texts? Please, write lower within the comment box that the way you reported the scam.

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