Pjcftotes Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This A Scam Website?

In Pjcftotes Reviews, we have covered the needed areas of the domain to help our users acquire a good judgment before they spend their valuable sources.

Hello shoppers, are you currently presently a Biking enthusiast trying to find any sturdy, classy bike getting an expert touch? And have you receive current with this brilliant bike while scrolling decrease your phone today and instantly felt like owning one but surfing the site’s review before the next move?

Yes! It’s precisely the reason we are here to provide a look. So, in Pjcftotes Reviews, let’s scrutinize and search its authenticity. The internet portal has recently got certification within the united states . States and recognition among the purchasers.

What’s Pjcftotes.com?

This online platform provides attractive handles Sports Bikes that are trendy this will let you professional touch in workmanship. As they say, it is a range of various brands that develop high-quality Bikes while using latest style that’s highly appealing to contemporary youngsters.

If investing in a Bike that’s stylish, comfortable, and of high quality, then it is an internet site that meets everyone demands. Before that, Is Pjcftotes Legit to go to forward? So, let’s take into account that:

An Over-all Survey of Pjcftotes.com:

  • Hyperlink- https://pjcftotes.com/
  • The Domain was created on 17th The month of the month of january 2022
  • The domain expiration date is 17th The month of the month of january 2023
  • Email address contact information- cs@collectivebikes.com
  • Official address-Official address in the store is not provided however, a Uk-based address is provided inside the returns tab.
  • Phone number- 44()203 189 1869.
  • Shipping policy provides worldwide order shipping time-10 working days, US-72 hours & Europe, AUS-5days.
  • Totally free-Is determined by periodic Offers.
  • Warranty period: 12 several days of warranty (differs Country wise).
  • Refund Guarantee- Within 14 times of delivery, relevant only to EU customers!
  • Refund- Refund information is not given anywhere.

Social media presence- According to Pjcftotes Reviews, Social Media Logos are on the domain source page. YouTube has 127k supporters, and Instagram has 228k supporters.

Non-refundable goods-Not specified.

Cancellation Policy- Before the shipment,24 hrs.

Payment modes- American stock market, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, Gpay, Uncover. Klarna.

Helpful Characteristics:

The internet portal is guaranteed by HTTPS.

Buyers get all the easy and simple , reliable policies on the web portal.

Readily available many modes of payments supplied by the domain.

Adverse Characteristics:

Very youthful domain, not well-loved through the shoppers.

Refund, not specified anywhere.

Alexa ranking is missing within the website.

Is Pjcftotes Legit or possibly a gimmick?

Digital Era makes things Easy& Complex concurrently. It isn’t news that numerous

internet buyers have faced financial fraud. Therefore, it is essential to determine the Website’s authenticity prior to to the payment gateway. Let us check some technical standpoints.

The Site is registered on 17-1-2022, just thirty days 4 days old.

The domain will vanish on 17/01/2023.

The trust score of sites is fairly low, just 27%.

Inside the domain inspection, we found the best telephonic number round the domain interaction detail.

The portal cliched 56% content within the parallel portal.

Based on Pjcftotes Reviews, shoppers couldn’t uncover the state address round the Website’s website however, the Return Tab posseses an address restricted to EU customers only!

The Site claims it is a collective business the domain designer provides no owner name or contact details.

The Site contains Social Media logos. YouTube and Instagram have supporters for your collective brand, and never the Website.

The domain designer creates the individual policies sheets.

Unable to locate website’s ranking on Alexa Rankings site in the last 90-days.

Therefore, the internet portal does not seem to become authentic within the above details.

Pjcftotes Reviews conclude that:

After analyzing the site reviews, we are in a position to not find any review published by totally free styles in the product out of this. So, regrettably, while using youthful domain, trust issues are arising. Meanwhile, it reflects a lousy trust score of 27% too. So, we advise internet buyers to determine: Everything You Must Understand About Bank Card Scam.

It is a too youthful domain, so that it needs time to get recognition among the digital shoppers. The web site looks vague and unsure because essential details are missing out of this.

The Closing Statement:

The Site handles many items like -Complete Bike- LH1 MTB. However, the possible lack of clearness of understanding and missing Pjcftotes Reviews does not favor the site’s credibility.

You need to know -Methods for getting Money-back on PayPal, If Scammed before the next thing.

Maybe you have faced any Bank Card scams? Share your feedback.

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