An Insider’s Look at Starting a Fitness Podcast!

Your way to create (and succeed!) within the fitness podcast world is filled with surprises and challenges. Podcasts are among the most widely used types of media, mainly in the health, wellness and fitness industry – but beginning a podcast isn’t as simple as hearing one. We chatted using the founder and Chief executive officer of BASE Bangkok and Fitness Business Asia podcast host, Jack Thomas, to obtain an insider’s suggestions about beginning your personal fitness podcast.

Like a trainer, business proprietor and entrepreneur, Jack knows a factor or more concerning the fitness industry. His podcast leverages his greater than eight experience and all the different connections he’s made on the way, to provide valuable information that will help business proprietors run effective gyms and studios.

Here’s a sneak look about how exactly he switched Fitness Business Asia right into a success, and the advice for up-and-coming fitness podcasting enthusiasts who’re just getting their start – or are planning on jumping in to the game.

ClassPass: What were some motivating factors to begin your personal show?

Jack Thomas: A lot of our coaches and staff were asking to understand more about the company side of BASE, the studio I run. Instead of sit lower and feel it together, I figured it might be simpler and much more impactful to place an introduction to everything they have to know around the podcast.

The coaches that wanted to find out more on the specific subject may then book in certain time beside me. This is a a lot more efficient way to teach they on business!

Clubpenguin: When have you feel confident you had enough speaking material and expertise to provide a normal podcast?

JT: Good question! You won’t ever feel 100-percent ready, but you need to place yourself available and improve on the way, otherwise you’ll never get began.

Clubpenguin: How are you aware your audience (gym/business proprietors, investors, ambitious proprietors, etc.) would find value in tuning right into a podcast?

JT: Expertise is relative – if I’m a couple of steps in front of another person, then for them I’ll be a specialist. With this thought, I had been affirmed by using my experience and journey I possibly could help other studio proprietors in Asia raise their game.

Clubpenguin: How did you choose the format for the program?

JT: In the podcasts I’d took in to, I loved short, snappy and also to-the-point. I modelled my podcast for this idea and try to make every minute worth hearing.

Clubpenguin: If you have visitors, what’s scheduling them like?

JT: Almost everybody I’ve arrived at to continues to be more than pleased to become interviewed, and we’ve now got people contacting us who wish to be featured.

When I’m in another Asian city I’ll try to access least four or five podcasts completed with the leaders for the reason that city. It has enabled me to obtain a couple of several weeks ahead on content, in order to relax just a little knowing it’s arranged!

To date, all interviews happen to be face-to-face that is awesome, however, many people who I actually want to feature are difficult to schedule in – so Skype or Zoom interviews is a reality moving forwards.

Clubpenguin: With regards to keeping content fresh, where do you want to get ideas?

JT: Whenever I interview someone, I consider their own position and story. What encounters have they got that does not many more do, and just what training are we able to originate from that.

The show is a mixture of interviews and solo podcasts from myself. In my topics, I speak to numerous fitness business proprietors regarding their challenges and discomfort points, which provides my lots of ideas.

Clubpenguin: The amount of an upfront cost should potential podcasters be ready to invest on equipment?

JT: Honestly, it isn’t much to obtain ready to go. A good quality mic or more, some editing software, that is free or cheap along with a hosting service, that is around $10 per month, can get you ready to go.

Clubpenguin: The length of time should people be ready to purchase recording, editing, and creating a podcast?

JT: Like cost, it’s a sliding scale. Get the processes clever and locked lower. Book out amount of time in your diary out on another get distracted.

Recording and editing bulk episodes is a great approach helping save considerable time. You’ll should also earmark serious amounts of sell it off. It might be easily a complete-time job, however i spend around 5 to 6 hrs each week onto it.

Clubpenguin: Because of so many fitness podcasts currently available, that which was it like entering that market?

JT: It had been slow initially, with only buddies listening. Interviews are an easy way of reaching a brand new audience as they’ll usually share it using their systems.

With time, increasing numbers of people began listening, and also the audience continues to be growing every month. You just need to keep focused throughout the slow occasions and don’t forget the reason why you began it.

Clubpenguin: Would you advertise?

JT: We don’t inflict compensated advertising, but I’ve been participating in Instagram and LinkedIn as a way of having it there.

Whenever we do interviews we send the interviewees clips and artwork to assist them to share, so we publish to social networking groups. I place the connect to the podcast within my email signature and share it at any chance I recieve.

It’s free content so never be afraid to amorously tell everybody about this!

Clubpenguin: What advice have you got for somebody searching to begin their very own fitness-inspired podcast?

JT: The podcast landscape is busy, so focus on your message and differentiator. After I began, there have been many fitness business podcasts available, but nobody was individuals Asian market. Which makes mine various and anybody active in the Asian fitness industry will be aware over more general podcasts.

Consider why you’re doing the work, and make certain it excites you. After you have your message and mission, go all in out on another restrain. Improve and improve on the way, so when it will get tough or perhaps your figures aren’t growing, remember the reason why you began and plough on.

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