Stop Sweating Social Media: Part 2 Twitter!

While typing 140 figures may appear like an easy and quick method to market your studio, individuals 140 figures could be a bit intimidating when you dive in to the daily practice. The kind of content you are writing and connect to out of your studio’s Twitter account impacts your rate of engagement with clients. So when clients build relationships your company on Twitter, oftentimes, that activity can get you observed by their network of supporters. Individuals are more and more affected by their peers’ consumer habits. In research conducted recently of social networking users, 68 percent stated these were a minimum of somewhat likely to buy having seen a friend’s publish about a service or product.

To obtain at ease with while using platform for business, and taking advantage of rid of it, we’ve come up with some fundamental information to assist show you on which kind of happy to tweet, how frequently to tweet so when to tweet.

Twitter through the Figures

23 percent of internet adults presently use Twitter, when compared with just 18 percent in 2013.

The typical time monthly spent by users on Twitter is 170 minutes.

Twitter skews male. 22 percent of males use Twitter, while only 15% of ladies do.

Twitter activity is extremely concentrated among a little subset of their most active users. The very best 1 % of Twitter users taken into account 20 % of tweets. The very best 15 % of users taken into account 85 % of tweets.

Twitter has greater than 1 billion users, only 255 million users are active. 46 percent of those active Twitter users tweet at least one time each day while 44 % of Twitter users haven’t published towards the site.

78 percent of Twitter’s active users are mobile users. This can be a 31 percent increase from 2013 to 2014.

Tweets using more than three hashtags get 17 % less engagement. Tweets with one or two hashtags get 21 percent greater average engagement.

5 TIPS AND Methods

1. Exceed exercise. Engage your customers and potential future clients by posting content around living a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to just workout tips and workout videos. While your studio’s method of exercise ought to be fundamentally of the Twitter strategy, include recipes, advice, related news, and lots of motivation. Quotes and inspirational posts have a tendency to see greater engagement on Twitter because individuals are quick to talk about all of them with others.

2. Study from other users. Look for hashtags associated with your niche, in addition to fitness hashtags generally. By studying posts made in your topics of great interest, you can observe what your competition along with other fitness companies (supplements, equipment, workout gear, beauty, etc.) are tweeting about. Observing what others within the field do will help you stay on the top of fitness trends, determine what topics are famous as soon as and develop new ideas for your own personel tweets. Using Twitter like a source of new information might keep you going to test something totally new at the studio or try something new. Generate a stream in Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or any other dashboard platform to follow along with hashtags easier than looking through Twitter.

3. Use great pictures. Images can increase retweet rate by as much as 150 percent. Twitter enables you to definitely tag users in tweets, publish multiple images in a single tweet and employ filters.


As essential as it’s to incorporate visual elements inside your tweets, getting great profile and header images is important. It’s so tempting to simply set up your emblem or perhaps an amateur headshot of yourself that your instructors required together with her iPhone. Don’t. Consider your profile picture and header image. Could they be a precise representation of the brand?

Should you choose make use of your emblem, could it be correctly sized for Twitter? The profile image ought to be popped and sized at 400 x 400 pixels and also the header 1,500 by 500 pixels. Choose images which will perform best during these sizes.

4. Listen around you tweet. Scheduling tweets having a platform for example HootSuite or Tweetdeck could be a terrific way to organize and optimize your tweeting efforts. But, remember to concentrate on any responses your scheduled tweets could get. Based on a current survey of active Twitter users who tweet to brands, 53 % want that response within an hour or so. Your follow-up surveys are frequently more essential for client engagement than your original tweet.


Around the subject of automation, by hand posting a vintage retweet (RT @username) instead of while using retweet button is really a more efficient method for getting observed since you will get the name in to the user’s mention stream.

5. Personality is really a plus. While much of your tweets will most likely actually cover your studio, don’t enable your personality go missing of all the brand new class bulletins and smoothie recipes. Your personality (and also the personality of the instructors) is a huge reason your customers love visiting your studio. Don’t allow that to explore the social networking sauce.

The Large No-No

DMs (direct messages) are thought tacky within the Twitterverse. Many users won’t even check their DM inboxes. If you wish to talk to a person directly, use @ mentions to begin the conversation.

Tweet Frequency

So, how frequently in the event you tweet and just what occasions are best. For consumer brands like yours, there’s a 17 % rise in engagement on weekends. Wednesdays, statistically speaking, will also be a great day for interaction on Twitter.

Posting at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 12 p.m. typically offers the greatest click-through rates. Research also implies that the very best frequency would be to publish 1-4 occasions each hour in the height of activity.

Is that this Working?

The greater you tweet, the greater supporters you’re prone to have. Users who’ve published under 1000 tweets normally have less than 100 supporters, while individuals who’ve tweeted greater than 10,000 occasions will often have followings which is between 1,000 and 5,000 users.

When looking for your Twitter audience, it’s important to pay attention to the caliber of your audience as opposed to the quantity of supporters you’ve. Are you currently reaching your customers? Are users engaging along with you? Have you ever attracted any new customers because of your Twitter efforts?

There are lots of tools available that will help you collect and evaluate helpful Twitter data. Socialbro, for instance, provides in-depth details about your supporters, can help you identify influencers within the overall health space and compares how the potency of your Twitter efforts compare alongside others in the market.

Twitter Inspiration

Using more than 73,000 very engaged supporters, @FitBottomGirl is really a fitness lifestyle juggernaut on Twitter. The company began out like a blog produced by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead. They authored workout DVD reviews, fitness news, cool product information, tidbits on healthy food choices, and fitness music suggestions and playlists in addition to personal accounts from the founders’ exercise endeavors. What really resonates using their audience was their spontaneity about fitness.

Certainly one of @FitBottomGirl’s effective strategies is the Fit Bottom Challenge, where every week from the month, they set a style and publish information which combines fitness, eating healthily, positive self image and getting fun with fitness.

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