The 9 Dos & Don’ts of Social Media!

The achieve of social networking could be huge for just about any small business operator, but launching corporate accounts is really a daunting job for newbies and seasoned Instagrammers alike. We spoken to Liz Kennedy, FreshDirect’s Director of Content Strategy and Social Networking concerning the quick wins and simple missteps with regards to using social networking to brand your company. Her greatest suggestion? Know your audience.


Spend time completing the “about” sections on all your brand’s accounts. Also select a handle that’s easily identifiable along with a flattering profile/cover photo or photos which are professional and consistent with your organization vision (which are popped properly within their designated spaces). Read towards the finish of this article for any quick cheat sheet around the dimensions for every major social funnel!


You do not would like your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to become exact replicas of each other-especially because so many of the supporters are most likely following yourself on multiple platforms. “Post what’s suitable for each platform, and base it on what’s performed best previously,” states Kennedy, who formerly oversaw social networking at iVillage and Martha Stewart Living. “Only once in some time, if you have some really exciting news, an amazing pic or information for the supporters, in the event you publish the very same content on all platforms.”


Engagement is among individuals social networking buzzwords you’ll hear again and again, and that’s since it is the foundation of social media. “Engaging your supporters is an essential a part of social networking,” states Kennedy, adding that it is vital for brands to comment to their followers’ comments. “Getting tagged or adopted from your favorite trainer, celebrity, gym, class, etc. is much like the current-day autograph. The greater you respond individually to comments, the greater people will be prepared to comment/share/RT/regram your articles.” With regards to Twitter, Kennedy advises, “There’s you don’t need to retweet every tweet in regards to you-you shouldn’t appear too egotistical-but when it’s a tweet which has information that’s advantageous for your audience, go on and RT. And it is always nice to understand positive tweets regarding your brand having a favorite.”


As personal social networking users, hashtags mostly are a method to be funny and sarcastic. However for corporate accounts, they’re king. “Hashtags are the best way discovered on Instagram and Twitter,” states Kennedy. “If your ultimate goal would be to increase your audience and become discovered, you’ll need a the least 5 hashtags per publish. Make certain you’re searching at hashtags which are trending on that day, and research popular ones inside your industry. #whateveryoudojustdontmakethemtoolongtoread.”


With the much imagery tossed in to the social networking sphere everyday, it’s essential for small company proprietors to purchase creating quality pictures. “Social media is much more visual today than it’s have you been,” explains Kennedy. “If you need to be recognized, you have to your game. Download apps which will make your images better, and crop and edit wisely.”


When it comes to posting non-business related information which would be interesting for your audience-think pretty photos, inspirational quotes and funny stuff-Kennedy states this really is answer to achieving balance. “By carrying this out you feel an origin for your audience, causing them to be excited to inform their buddies relating to this great account they’re following,” she states.


Everybody is searching to develop their audience, and probably the most great ways to do this is get together along with other social leaders. “Want to improve your supporters? Work with another brand or influencer on the social networking stunt-think sweepstakes or account takeovers,” states Kennedy. “It’s a terrific way to get new eyeballs in your account.”


Take into account that your supporters are leading busy, busy lives (exactly like you)-the final factor for you to do is imposition them by requesting likes or retweets. “Find creative methods for getting likes and comments by asking them questions, running sweepstakes or taking polls,” advises Kennedy.

DON’T: Be Considered A SLOUCH

Can there be this type of factor as posting an excessive amount of content? “Nothing is simply too almost as much ast lengthy as the accounts are active and you’ve got engagement,” states Kennedy. “The worst factor that you can do on social networking is start a free account, publish once, rather than publish again. If you would like engagement, you need to publish at least one time each day on all platforms.”



Cover photo: 851 x 315 px

Profile photo: 180 x 180 px

Shared photo: 1200 x 630 px


Profile photo: 110 x 110 px

Shared photo: 640 x 640 px


Header photo: 1500 x 500 px

Profile photo: 400 x 400 px

Shared photo: 440 x 220 px

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