Tower Battles Codes 2022 {Jan} Find Latest To Redeem!

Tower Battles Codes 2022 reveals the most recent working code and also the updates that come with the wintertime occasions. Continue studying to understand about the sport.

Would you take part in the Tower Battles game? It’s a Roblox game getting recognition in Poultry, and also the U . s . States, along with other parts around the globe. So, you must understand the game finally released the wintertime event.

Are you aware about harpoon hunter, its stats, and it is appearance? You will get it by beating the wintertime event 2022. Let’s explore additional information to get at know Tower Battles Codes 2022.

What’s the Tower Battles game?

Planet3arth’s Tower Battles is really a Roblox game where you need to defend yourself in the horrifying zombies. Tower Battles is really a tower defence game having a proper element.

Players can enjoy strongly and defensively by deploying zombies and creating unique towers. While these towers are Zombies-defeating products that the player are able to place on their own map, Zombies would be the primary opponents. Both you and your squad must survive waves of zombies for over the enemy team.

Occasions hanging around are introduced every so often on several occasions. So, combined with the updates Tower Battles Winter 2022, we’ve got Harpoon hunter.

What exactly are Harpoon hunters?

Harpoon hunter is really a medium-range high cliff tower that players got for winning winter 2022 event. Harpoon keep to the target, slow zombies while stuck and disappear before long.

As you may know, every tower within the Tower Battles game has 5 levels, the same is true this Harpoon Hunters.

L1 may be the default: includes a gray torso, black backpack, and fur hood and hold harpoon gun. It may do damage 3 and go to the selection of 18.

L2 Pressure gauge: includes a wielded harpoon gun, includes a pressure gauge, wears gray folded-up sleeves. Range elevated to 22.5.

Meanwhile, Tower Battles Codes 2022 is easily the most prevalent interest among game players nowadays, and we’ll discuss it following this section.

L3 Precision: hunter wears a black bandana, mask, goggles, and mitts. Additionally, the gun also offers switch-up sight while increasing damage by 5.

L4 Titanium Fishing rod: hunter wears a black fur hat and fast clothes and holds spare harpoons. Also, the wielded harpoon comes with an additional handle and damage elevated by 12.

L5 Apex predator: wears more dark gray and it has red glowing from goggles. It’s elevated the harm by 80 and additional enhanced range, stick duration and strength.

Do you know the latest Tower Battles Codes 2022?

Codes really are a easy and free technique to get bonuses having a single click. New codes are freed together with new updates whenever the sport reaches some milestones.

muni4me – Make use of this code to obtain 300 Credits

UPDATEINAMINUTE2021 Code for any Tweeter Tower

More codes:

  • MONIESSSSSS (expired)
  • UPDATEINAMINUTE2020 (expired)
  • How you can redeem codes?
  • Open the Tower Battles Game.
  • Search the code bar, that is at the base left.
  • Cut and paste the codes given above for the reason that box.
  • Hit enter to obtain rewards.


Tower battles would be the popular Roblox game, so we have given the most recent working Tower Battles Codes 2022. You can go to the Tower Battles game page on this link

Would you like to learn more about winter updates? Then, look into the links attached within this publish and do inform us within the comment section more.

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