Urgent Test Kit Scam (Feb 2022) What You Should Know?

The guide shares information regarding the brand new Urgent Test Package Scam to create people aware and them protected.

Because the new COVID-19 variant is around the surge, scammers are becoming smarter to complete new scams with individuals. Many residents within the Uk have reported a brand new kind of text scam.

Scammers are delivering texts to warn people they have are exposed to Omicron-attitudes. They have to click the suspicious connect to order the house testing package by discussing their bank details and private info.

Law enforcement warn individuals to take notice of Urgent Test Package Scam circulating over the United kingdom.

What’s a sudden Test Package?

Urgent Test Package may be the website doing scams with residents within the Uk. Scammers are delivering scam texts to random people and saying they have are exposed to individuals who tested positive for that new Omicron variant.

The written text message urges individuals to act rapidly and then click a suspicious connect to order their testing package urgently. However, the government bodies and police continuously warn individuals to avoid such text scams and never click suspicious links.

The scam texts urge individuals to share their bank details and private information to buy the urgent home testing package.

How Urgent Test Package Scam is performed?

After evaluating, we discovered that scammers are utilizing new techniques to do scams with individuals and steal their bank details and private information. Scammers are performing scams by delivering random scam texts to individuals.

Within the message, they warn the recipient they have are exposed to people positive with Omicron variants. So, they have to execute a test in your own home, that they need to click the link where they are able to order a house testing package.

There’s a suspicious link, so when people click the Urgent Test Package Scam link, they’re redirected to a different portal where they’re requested to talk about their bank details, pay shipping charges and share personal info.

Since police and native government bodies understand the scam, they warn people to not reply or share any details using the scammers.

How you can Stay Protected against the Scam?

Don’t click any link that redirects you to definitely 3rd party website not associated with NHS.

Never hand out your bank details and private info immediately without analyzing the authenticity from the Urgent Test Package Scam link.

Block the amount if you feel it’s a suspicious number.

Residents might also forward the scam text to 7726 by writing “SCAM.”

Look for spelling mistakes and grammar.

Should you be taken in by the scam texts, report these to Action Fraud immediately by calling 0300-123-2040.


So, you mustn’t share any personal information or bank information with someone you do not know. Avoid falling prey towards the new Urgent Test Package Scam. The written text message may appear authentic to begin with, but you mustn’t share any details without verifying the amount and details. Furthermore, you have to always learn to Safeguard Yourself from the Scam.

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