Webinar: Social Media Deep Dive – Facebook!

How will you increase your studio or gym’s community? One of the ways is thru Facebook – probably the most commonly used, yet underutilized social networking platforms. To find out more, hear to the web seminar located by ClassPass’s Director of Community, Cara Friedman!


We’ll explore how you can take full advantage of your business’s Facebook profile, with featured types of how other effective brands build relationships customers online (and the best way to perform the same). Plus, we’ll dive in to the analytics features Facebook offers and strategies for optimizing your studio or gym’s page.


Cara Friedman is Director of Community at ClassPass. She’s been accountable for handling the social networking technique for several large brands in addition to creating custom trainings for corporate clients as well as their employees. A few of her clients have incorporated Logitech, Cosmopolitan, Pure Barre, Maidenform, and Whirlpool. Cara is really a frequent blogger with featured posts on Mashable and Social Networking Today, and it has spoken at various occasions and conferences including BlogWorld and WOMM-U. Cara received her JD from St. John’s School of Law and her BA and MA in Communications in the College at Albany.

Questions Regarding THIS Web seminar?

Send us an email at studioempowerment@classpass.com. For additional web seminar content, including Cara’s deep dive on Instagram, go to the Webinars section on After Class.

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