What is “Big Content?” 5 Content Marketing Formats Few Marketers Will Ever Try!

That’s helpful advice, Andy. But we’ve bigger plans. We’re launching our new print magazine the following month.”

My jaw dropped when my client explained this. Wow, I figured. That’s some next-level content marketing, to date beyond anything I’d have thought about. It required us a second simply to process the concept.

You might know marketers such as this. They’ve big ideas. They create big plans. They’re instantly differentiated with techniques which make their competitors irrelevant.

These big ideas might be dangerous, they also could be very effective. Let’s have a minute to think about some really big methods to content marketing. Let’s discuss “Big Content.”

What’s “Big Content?”

Big Submissions are a content marketing format that needs much better effort and time to create compared to more prevalent formats (i.e. blogs). Big Submissions are frequently with different novel or original idea and it is differentiated in the form, frequency or duration.

Consider Big Content being an extension from the more prevalent formats. They’re exactly the same concepts on an even bigger scale. Compare:

Who needs Big Content?

If it is not for everybody, who needs it? Who’d benefit the best from adding something really big for their content mix?

Companies just getting began with content marketing

A few of these formats (original research, tools, a normal column) can accelerate the entire process of building momentum. They’re ideal for youthful content programs.

Companies within very crowded niches

If everybody does X, you have to either do Y …or do 10X. The greater competitive the course, the greater important it is by using one of these simple instantly-differentiated formats.

Companies with deep pockets

Getting the sources to complete more shouldn’t mean doing a lot of same. Use individuals sources to complete things at another level.

Now let’s take a look at five types of Big Content for action, from XL to XXXL. We’ll take a look at how these advanced strategies perform with a few special focus on internet search engine optimization (Search engine optimization). We’ll also ask the approaches aren’t more prevalent.

We’ve really attempted a few of these ideas at Orbit, then when possible, we’ll share a good example showing the expense and also the outcomes.

1. Launch something

Most content marketing strategies are made about how-to articles. The aim is frequently to help make the brand a helpful resource. But there’s another “format” with much more intrinsic utility: something.

But original tools are extremely rarely a part of any content program.

However they check all of the boxes of effective content: engaging, memorable, triggers discussing and word-of-mouth, etc. Less apparent benefit, they’re magnets for links and ideal for Search engine optimization, based on research by Foundation.

probably the most linkable content marketing assets chart

Why don’t more brands build online tools?

Quite simply, why aren’t there actual, functioning sources in company ‘resources’ section?

Insufficient vision or insufficient budget. An excellent tool, such as this fun hair color changer, cost 1000x greater than a guide for choosing hair color. However the moments are priceless.

picture of Andy and the daughter

Usually, whenever a brand adds something, it’s because it’s expected (i.e. mortgage calculators). However when that’s the situation, it’s undifferentiated. May as well skip it.

Example: Orbit’s URL Builder

There exists a Campaign URL Builder on this web site (it’s the very best). It required our developers 24 hrs to construct, that is roughly $4000 in billable time. It ranks searching, attracts around 16,000 visitors each year and it has been associated with from 20 websites. Worthwhile? Garrett thinks so.

Garrett Moon, CoSchedule

“Free tools can perform a congrats of driving consistent organic visitors to your brand, but may also be very costly to construct and keep. Whenever we attempted to build our free Headline Analyzer probably the most significant aspects of that strategy would be a high-value keyword that people felt we’re able to rank well for very rapidly. We understood when we’re able to carry the #1 place searching, the tool provides a substantial amount of traffic for many years.“

2. Write a magazine

I know you’ve already heard the advantages of writing a magazine. There are lots of. Thought leadership, sales support, PR, branding.

Books are among the couple of formats for content marketing that does not possess a back button. They’re going deep into topics. They stay longer, frequently lingering in stores for a long time.

A less apparent benefit is personal Search engine optimization. Once Google identifies an individual being an author, they appear different searching results.

And when it is referenced by academic papers, a Google Scholar page is instantly generated. The writer just must claim it. Out on another forget to include your profile (and link) to Amazon . com Author Central.

Why don’t more content marketers write books?

Insufficient some time and insufficient forethought. Marketing programs that plan in advance can progressively “blog right into a book.” The secret would be to outline the chapters ahead of time after which produce blog entries that may later be combined into lengthy form guides, and finally a magazine.

This can be a brilliant strategy because all the content “market-tested” from your audience prior to going to print!

Example: Content Chemistry

The concept ended up being to repackage our very best content right into a more organized, detailed format. Essentially, turn our blog right into a textbook.

It was not ready yet. Whenever we made the outline for that book this year, we found lots of gaps: topics we hadn’t yet written around the blog. Therefore we spend another year approximately blogging on individuals topics. After we reached around 80% from the content completed in blog format, I spent 6-10 hrs each week for many several weeks, shaping it into a real book.

Then editing, then design, then printing, then locating the perfect distributor who works together with self-printed authors. Therefore the time invested (after individuals articles have been written for that blog) was about 200 hrs. Design and printing cost were around $8000 total.

Following a couple of years, we recognized it had become outdated. Therefore we updated it in 2014, on the other hand in 2015, 2016 and 2018. Each revision is yet another 100 hour project, plus design and printing costs. We’re focusing on the sixth edition now.

  • It always felt as an act of belief, however the answers are real.
  • It’s a great “leave behind” in sales conferences
  • It’s a part of our account-based content program
  • Its page on our website has attracted 280 links (yes, book pages are link magnets)
  • It’s been converted into Italian
  • It’s utilized by college-level marketing programs all over the world

It’s a lot of reviews and endorsements, including this quote from Jay Baer “The most practical book ever discussed modern internet marketing.”

…and its smart by itself. Revenues exceed costs (we’re confident). This report shows $113k in lifetime sales.

3. Launch your personal conference

Event strategies are available in three sizes: small, medium, large. The little version is inexpensive and occasional risk, however the marketing impact is low. The “big content” form of event marketing is expensive and risk, however the outcomes could be amazing.

Attend a celebration, perform a little bit of networking, a couple of individuals will communicate with both you and your brand.

Speak at (or sponsor) a celebration, a large number of individuals are engaged with both you and your brand.

Create a celebration, and everybody at this event is engaged together with your brand. Each of them.

Beginning a celebration is only the next thing inside a marketing progression. A celebration is simply a celebration having a big grocery budget.

After which there’s the venue, the wireless, the signs and also the after party. Out on another forget to reserve loudspeakers then sell tickets. It’s a great deal. However the upside is big.

A celebration turns into a community, where individuals create value for one another through new relationships.

This really is influencer marketing however in another direction, where hopeful loudspeakers pitch you.

This really is marketing like a revenue center, not really a cost. Ticket and sponsorship revenue should exceed the venue cost, speaker charges and bar tab.

Example: Content Jam

Our event began small, but progressively increased into Chicago’s largest content marketing event.

Initially, it had been just four loudspeakers in four conference rooms around our building. Then, a nearby college donated their space to all of us (Thanks, Tim!) which stored costs lower. However it stored selling out, therefore we moved it also it increased more. Eventually, we’ve got a real conference space (more and more people, cost, risk and fun) also it increased to 500 attendees.

Then in 2020 an evil microbe shut it lower. We lost our $25,000 deposit around the venue. Big submissions are dangerous!

organic development of a celebration

Through the years, 2000 individuals have attended, a large number of loudspeakers have trained. You never know the number of leads happen to be generated and friendships happen to be made.

Content Jam continues to be on hold …but it will likely be back!

4. Launch the sunday paper

Email isn’t their only inbox, but it’s their most crowded inbox. Their other inbox is way less crowded: the united states Postal Service mailbox. Lots of marketers who complain that “it’s so difficult to interrupt with the noise” haven’t attempted calmer channels.

Send something physical and you’re instantly inside a calmer funnel

Send printed articles and it might not be internet marketing, but it’s still content marketing

Send the sunday paper with lots of articles …and now you’re doing Big Content

Why don’t more marketers publish magazines?

Cost. The information might not be that hard to produce (you might curently have the articles) but design, printing and postage pricing is significant. One custom publishing pro informs me which costs may be as high as $200k per issue.

Example: Independent Consultant Magazine

TD Ameritrade Institutional was searching to deepen engagement with financial advisors. To visit past the traditional digital channels, they labored with Imagination Publishing to produce an every three months magazine.

They will use data from their site and social networking to steer the editorial for that magazine. Articles using the best engagement online win a location within the printed piece. Smart.

The outcomes are an award-winning, multi-funnel program using the magazine like a centerpiece. This magazine is “…not only a aimless assortment of articles however a superbly edited, well-rounded experience for the print readers.” …and it’s certainly big content.

5. Get a content platform

When Hubspot made the decision they needed your blog that particularly targeted agencies, did they begin right from the start? Construct it on your own? No. They acquired The Company Publish, which in fact had a 3-year jump as well as an engaged audience of agency professionals.

The aim is usually to obtain consistent use of another, engaged audience. Consider the conversation within the boardroom.

“Why shall we be buying ads whenever we can simply purchase the writer?

Why rent this audience whenever we can purchased it?”

In addition, there’s an Search engine optimization position.

If you wish to rank well for an expression, the surest path would be to simply buy the organization store the top place. This is new for a long time within the bed mattress industry, which is among the best groups on the internet. It’s essentially Thunderdome.

We’ve clearly never acquired a media company at Orbit Media. However I know somebody who has. And So I arrived at out for many input:

The Tilt

“I learned in publishing years ago…if you can purchase, always buy. Should you can’t, build.

Most marketers build, making sense. Marketers love creating something original. Creating content after which creating a following/audience needs time to work. Sometimes a long time.

What if, you can skip individuals couple years and also have a content logo and audience to utilize now. Well, that is why purchasing a content brand sometimes is sensible.

Smart content marketers also have a listing together of where their audience hangs out…what podcasts, YouTube channels, newsletters, Insta channels? All of individuals channels are suitable for purchase. Many are seven figures, but other medication is five figures.

When there would be a shortcut to success, can you go?”

Why don’t more brands acquire content companies?

Cost, risk and insufficient expertise.

Usually, brands do content marketing simply because they do not have millions to invest. And whether or not the brand has got the money as well as an acquisition strategy, the deals aren’t usually for media qualities. They’ve already no clue how you can value a content brand.

When the idea sounds interesting, begin to see the section in Joe’s book, Content Corporation. It possesses a practical framework.

Types of media company acquisitions

You might not notice it much, however it happens constantly. Here are a few biggies from 2021. These transactions were for multiples varying from 2.25x to 5x.

  • Hubspot acquired The Hustle (blog and podcast) for $27M.
  • Penn National Gaming (casino operator) acquired Barstool Sports (sports, popular culture blog) for $450M
  • Robinhood acquired MarketSnacks (financial news site) and rebranded it as being Robinhood Snacks.
  • Stripe bought IndieHackers (community of developers and tech company founders)
  • DraftKings bought Vegas Sports Information Network (sports betting news)
  • Zapier bought Makerpad (content and coding education platform)
  • DigitalOcean acquired Scotch.io (a residential area of developers with 1,800 tutorials)
  • “Make no little plans”

Big Content might not be necessary. You are able to build perfectly effective content programs without pushing your formats to maximum levels. But it’s worth thinking about. MaybeBig Content is exactly what your articles strategy needs.

I’ve got a bust within my office of Daniel Burnham. He’s a Chicago architecture and concrete planning legend. He’s renowned for this quote. You might be aware of first couple of words, but browse the rest, as printed within the Chicago Record-Herald, March. 15, 1910. It is really an excerpt in the transcript of the speech he gave earlier that year working in london.

Daniel Burnham, Chicago urban planning legend:

“Make no little plans other product magic to stir men’s bloodstream and most likely themselves won’t be recognized. Make big plans aim full of hope and work, remembering that the noble, logical diagram once recorded won’t ever die, but lengthy as we have left is a living factor, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency.

Keep in mind that our sons and grandsons are performing stuff that would stagger us. Enable your watchword be order as well as your beacon beauty.”

Let’s think big. And bear in mind that wonderful latin proverb, Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat…fortune favors the bold!

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