5000 Character Quiz – What is it and How to Take This Charactour Quiz?

According To-5000 Character Quiz – What is it and How to Take This Charactour Quiz , Seriously, the 5,000 character quiz has created a huge following on TikTok in a very small period of time. This personality quiz integrates most of the imaginary character tests for the selection of one huge personality. There are around some questionsavailable with four options with from which we have to choose the one by dragging the blue coloured slider to choose the most favourable one according to us. After attempting all of them, we can arrive at a clearer idea about who we are and what kind of person we want to be.

Character Quiz

As a result, there are over five thousand characters in the database. As a result, when the test is given, people’s answers will contrast with the personalities and idiosyncrasies of each and every character. As a result, a percentage will be given to each character based on their liking for the test taker. Then the test taker will discover which character or personality is most likely to be theirs.

This 5,000 Character Quiz is in the process of being developed

As a matter of fact, this quiz works a little differently. To take part in this five thousand personality quiz, which is currently going viral on TikTok, you only need to answer 23 questions about yourself. To begin the quiz, click on the start quiz button.

As opposed to other online tests we provide, email is not required, nor registration is required. The 5,000 character quiz does not ask for your email address at all; all you need to do is take the test and answer all the questions about your personality, and you’ll get the result right away. During each question, they will provide you with two different characters, and you will be matched with any of them.

How to Take the 5,000 Personality Quiz

On the main page of https://charactour.com/, you will see a variety of options arranged under one another.

For selecting each option, there is a slider in blue color with four options on each end, and there is a character on each end.

Drag the blue coloured dot to indicate which of the following characters is most like you.

The results of the quiz you have taken can be viewed on the website once you have created an account. Also Read-5000 Character Quiz – What is it and How to Take This Charactour Quiz

Several Twitter users’ reactions to this trend

With the coming of this 5,000 character personality quiz test, several people used Twitter to share their results on their thoughts on the result they got by answering all the questions in this quiz. After having a look over here, we can easily say that most of them are very surprised with the results they got. They are also enjoying playing this game like quizzes with interest while so many users have expressed their feeling of happiness after having a match with their favourite character after seeing the result. However, some of them got so confused by seeing those faces which are unfamiliar to them as they do not know them.

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Why is the 5,000 Character Quiz Trend Going Viral?

This 5,000 character quiz has purely and clearly caught the attention of most Tik Tok creators, which is why this trend is going viral.

In a video, Tik Tok creators answer this quiz and then give their opinions on the results. In some cases, they make assumptions about the character they are going to match up with and then check to see if they are correct.

This quiz has a problem

One main problem with this 5,000 character quiz is that there are not many options provided and also some unknown and unfamiliar characters can appear in the result which could confuse us. Another problem with this quiz is that it never reveals to us our most alike and true matches, just giving us nearby matches.5000 Character Quiz – What is it and How to Take This Charactour Quiz


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