How To Curl Eyelashes Without A Curler: 6 Expert Tricks For Maximum Lift!

Should there be one product within my beauty arsenal I frequently misplace, it’s my eye lash curler. Seriously: That factor just appears to obtain up and leave, particularly on days I am focused on mega doe eyes. After launching an unsuccessful search party in my missing tool, I am playing two options: either forgo the curl (not really a fabulous option for my stubbornly straight lash hairs) or make an effort to curl the lashes with no curler. Yep, experts will have a couple of methods up their sleeves.

Still, we advise utilizing a proper lash curler if you’re able to (and when you are looking for a replacement, take a look at these gentle tools), however in a pinch, these methods provides you with the curvature you are searching for:

1. Make use of a spoon.

Utilizing a (clean!) spoon is among the most widely used DIY lash-curling hacks available Miranda Kerr, model and founding father of KORA Organics, even swears through the trick on her everyday makeup routine. Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin also provides it with her expert stamp of approval: “Using a spoon is definitely an old technique that certainly works inside a pinch,” she states.

Grab your spoon. Kerr suggests an iced teaspoon (or parfait spoon), presumably since the sides are thinner than your average tablespoon.

Align the advantage from the spoon, facedown, with the bottom of your lashes.

Beginning in the outer corner of the eyelashes, push your lashes to the rounded fringe of the spoon together with your thumb. Hold for any couple of seconds before releasing, repeating, and dealing the right path inward.

Do this again alternatively eye.

Just like your typical curler, only a couple of seconds of hold could keep them lifted-you won’t want to tug on individuals delicate hairs and pluck them loose. Typically of thumb: “Don’t pull them into submission simply because they drop out easily,” states celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman. “You need to really have lashes to twist.”

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